Ohm plugin that exposes ttl control over modules

Getting started

Install gem by running:

$ [sudo] gem install ohm-expire

On your source code add:

require "ohm/expire"

After this you need to tell your Ohm Model that it needs to use this extension. Here is an example of a module:

class Model < Ohm::Model

    include Ohm::Expire

    TTL = 5

    attribute :hash
    index :hash

    expire Model::TTL

    attribute :data

This will create this Ohm Model class with an expire of 5 seconds

Updating TTL

It's easy to update the TTL after creating a Model. There is also the possibility to simple update the ttl with the default value (the one that was defined on the Model)

Taking the example above:

m = Model.create(:hash => "123")
m.update_ttl 30 # Updated to 30 seconds
m.update_ttl # Updated to 5 seconds (Model::TTL)

Getting TTL

To get the TTL of a given model:

m = Model.create(:hash => "123")