Hello fellow community!

This is my first attempt at creating my own Blog. (yes i know, please bare with me)

So that you know a little about myself, I’m a 22 year old lad from Portugal, Vila Nova de Gaia.
I’m a student at ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) and at the moment finishing my Computer Engineering degree. I also created a WebDesign and Development company with three other partners called CoreCreations® (feel free to give us some feedback).
I can be found on LinkedIn at my profile

I’m a nice person (hope so), a workaholic (when it’s needed) and tech geek that’s always searching for more and more information.

As posts are made I’ll keep talking a bit more about myself, and hopefully you’ll learn bit by bit about myself.

The main purpose of this Blog is to give you tips&tricks regarding web programming. From PHP, MySQL to CSS and HTML, going trough JavaScript and AJAXand ending (maybe not) in WebDesign.
I know there are a lot of other Blogs (Chris Shiflett, Chris Coyier, etc) and those are way better than mine, but the main reason I’m doing this is also to learn by helping.
Everyone knows the basic of programming learning, good old try&error. He’s our best friend for good and for worst (yep… he does sometimes drive you nuts). I’m basically seeing this Blogs like that. By helping you I’m also learning, and hey, guess what, that’s the fun of it!

I’m still trying stuff out with this new Blog layout. For now I’ll be using a free template I’ve grown fond of and soon, if everything goes good, a new one will be created from scratch.

See you all very soon!

Feb 2009
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